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Here's a sampling of some of my latest/best work:

Highlighted Work


Life and Death: The True Cost of Inequality in High School Football

SB Nation

How unequal and segregated schools make a dangerous game more dangerous.

The Last Five Glamour Shots Locations in the United States

The New York Times

How just a few studios behind big-hair ’90s photography survive … for now.

The Hard Luck Texas Town That Bet On Bitcoin and Lost


When Bitcoin plunged, it took the hopes of a proud Texas town with it.

A New Pipeline Through the Hill Country is Pitting Pipeline Companies Against Landowners

Texas Monthly

The state’s biggest industry finds itself in an unusual position: facing landowner-friendly reforms at the Texas Legislature.

Inside Philly Trump Country 

The Philadelphia Citizen

Almost everyone in Philadelphia voted for Hillary, except for this neighborhood.

Moses Malone, Darryl Dawkins and the Scary Trend That's Killing So Many Legendary NBA Bigs

Billy Penn

The story cited by ESPN and others that broke the trend of heart disease among retired NBA players.

Penn Face and the Social Ivy's Suicide Problem 

Billy Penn

After years of institutional miscues, Penn students have begun reshaping the university's treacherous culture.

The Recreational Runner Who Saved America 


Jonas Cattell was like Paul Revere, except he ran.

Race and Football at Penn State 

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

James Franklin became the first black football coach at Penn State, a university long scarred by racism. 

The Last House on the Left 

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

How Joe Paterno's house and obsession with the past shaped Penn State -- and his downfall. 

Everybody's Doing the Tweener 

The Classical

The coolest shot in sports is getting less cool. 


Short features

How the Power Suit Lost its Power


A cultural look at why suits aren't popular anymore.

Why Men Started Wearing Female Athlete Jerseys


Sabrina Ionescu and the USWNT have created a new phenomenon.

Can Car-Crazy Dallas Learn to Love Bikes?

City Lab

After a disastrous experiment with dockless bike sharing, the famously auto-centric Texas city is trying to be more friendly to bicycles and pedestrians.

How State Abortion Laws Could Cost Republicans the 2020 Election


The victories for anti-abortion activists could be short-lived if abortion becomes a major election issue.

Deep in The Desert in West Texas, a Spring-Fed Swimming Pool Beckons

Atlas Obscura

It’s not just a recreational hotspot—it’s also an ecosystem.

The Running Test That Has Tormented Sport's Biggest Stars Turns 50

Runner's World

Kenneth Cooper invented the 12-minute run in 1968; athletes from Pele to Michael Jordan have been hating it since.

Kansas City Privatizes Sidewalks in Rowdy Entertainment District 

Next City

What happens when a private company decides who gets to walk down the street?

Forget Craft Beer, Philly Loves Brandy

Philadelphia Inquirer

The most popular alcohol in Philadelphia is brandy, and it's not even close.

The Secret, Sexist History of America's First Soccer League 


Long before women played in the World Cup, they were playing in a professional league in St. Louis.

The Glasnost Bowl and Russia's First Ever Football Game


USC and Illinois were set to play a game in the Soviet Union, until it fell apart in the most Soviet way imaginable.

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